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Island Insects: a photographic potpourri of Newfoundland bugs - Digital Edition

Island Insects: a photographic potpourri of Newfoundland 'bugs' - Digital Edition

ISBN: 978-0-9810364-2-7 Publishing
24 Devereaux Lane
Logy Bay, NL, Canada A1K 3A6

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Description of the book


"Island Insects: a photographic potpourri of Newfoundland 'bugs' - Digital Edition," is a PDF digital book that contains 103 pages and over 260 full-colour photographs of Newfoundland bugs and spiders.  It is a free digital presentation of almost the exact same content as contained in the paperback version that was originally published in 2008 and sold for $24.95.

Curious adults and nature lovers of any age are sure to enjoy the photographs and accompanying captions.

Children will almost certainly turn to the pictures before the text. Every parent knows how kids love dinosaurs and this book shows ants and other insects so close-up that they almost look like living, breathing dinosaurs.

For adults, the text is sufficiently informative that even experienced Newfoundland outdoors people ought to find something new within these pages. And unless you've been carrying a magnifying glass around the woods with you, the photos in this book will show you a perspective on Newfoundland outdoors that you've never seen before.

On a personal note, I'm the author, photographer and publisher, living in Logy Bay. The book is a result of my love of photography combined with my fascination for the amazing world of tiny animals that we call insects, bugs and spiders. 

All photos, text, layout, design and editing are by the author.

--- Mardon


Creative Commons License


Island Insects: a photographic potpourri of Newfoundland 'bugs' - Digital Edition by Mardon Erbland is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 2.5 Canada License. [CC BY-NC-ND 2.5]Here is a simple explanation of what you are allowed to do under this license. The full text of the Legal Code (the full licence) is available here.


Creative Commons BY-NC-ND 2.5

Permissions beyond the scope of this license may be requested via email to


Download the free PDF digital edition


This Digital Edition is available for free download in PDF format under the terms of a Creative Commons License [CC BY-NC-ND 2.5].  This PDF file is large (50MB) so even when using a high-speed connection, it may take several minutes to download. Please be patient.  If you are able to handle a download of this size and agree to the license terms, simply click here to download the book.


If you enjoy reading this book, I would love to hear from you at


Important note about PDF reader software


The good news about PDF reader software is that most desktop and notebook computers have little trouble displaying large, graphically intensive files like the one for this book. Acrobat Reader version 7 or later is recommended.

The bad news is that tablet computers and their associated apps are much more erratic in their ability to display large, graphically intensive PDF documents.


The PDF file for this book displays very effectively on my iPad 1 v.4.3.3 firmware using the GoodReader app v.3.8.0.  GoodReader far surpasses all of the other PDF reader iPad apps that I have tested.  Apps that I do NOT recommend for reading this file on an iPad include:  iBooks, PDF HD, PDF Expert, PDFReader, and ReaddleDocs.  Some of these apps render the pages so slowly as to make the book almost unusable on my iPad.  The GoodReader iPad app has a two-speed rendering engine and in its fast mode the page load times are almost as good as on some desktop computers.


About the original paperback edition


"Island Insects: a photographic potpourri of Newfoundland 'bugs'," was originally published as a paperback edition.  The ISBN number for the paperback edition is 978-0-9810364-0-3.

The Library of Canada cataloguing information for the paperback eition is: QL476.E72 2008 595.709718 C2008-904170-4

The paperback edition was originally published in August, 2008, by Publishing.  All copies have been sold and it is now out of print. 


Many thanks to the people at whose generosity in sharing information helped make it possible for me to write the image captions.

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