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Sky Photos

Looking south from approx. 47.840N 53.961W (WGS84)
Sunset partially blocked by cloud Placentia Bay Fog Taken from Signal Hill
The Promise - Rainbow Over Logy Bay, Newfoundland Moon rise over  Logy Bay, Sept. 8, 2006. Clouds as seen from our patio in Logy Bay. Gulls At Dawn in Logy Bay Middle Cove, Newfoundland
Sun Drawing Water  2006-02-18 Late Nite Photography
Logy Bay Sunrise 2006-02-04 Logy Bay Sunrise 2006-02-04 Sunrise at Logy Bay, March 12, 2006 Halo Around The Moon  2006-01-08
Rainbow Two people on a walking trail at Signal Hill with the moon in the background From Signal Hill      
Mars 9the red planet) near Beta Aurigae, a.k.a. Menkalinan        



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