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Cyclosa conica*

The images on this page are all from photos of a single Cyclosa conica spider. I found this spider hanging from a single one of his threads in a tree in our backyard. In the area where I live, the leaves are just beginning to bud but are not yet open. I put the spider in a plastic peanut butter jar to carry him over to the spot where I had my camera set up. The jar had a blue lid and that's what he's crawling around in the photos. I found him at about 5:45 PM local time (NDT).  He is a sub-adult male. The 'sacs' in front of his head are pedipalps, which are sensory organs in spiders.

It was photographed on 2006-04-29, with a Canon 20D and EF 180mm f/3.5L Macro USM lens & 1.4x tele-converter in natural sunlight.

*Caveat:  I am NOT an entomologist and, as with all my bug pictures, I am NOT positive about the accuracy of my taxonomic identification.

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7948 - Cyclosa conica 7939 - Cyclosa conica 7902 - Cyclosa conica  

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