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Equipment and Outside Plant

Engine 900 from the CNR (Newfoundland) railway ready for transport from St. John's to Clarenville. Engine #900 Running Gear Narrow Gauge track that held the engine being moved. Car Ready For Transport From St. John's To Clarenville Mail Car from the extinct Newfoundland Railway. Dark Hole Forest Access Road, Clarenville
Holyrood Electric Generating Station. 3 Unit, 490 MW  burns #6 heavy fuel oil Pipeing on The Battery Hill, St. John's Harbour
Packing Snow for a Ski-doo Jumping ramp 6051 - An exhaust stack at a hospital.  I estimate the stake to be about 55 m (180 ft) high.  There are approx. 130 steps and the first one is about 10 meters above the ground. 6566 - Come By Chance Oil Refinery Excavation for the St. John's sewerage treatment plant near the harbour The wheel of a tour bus from Alberta as it was parked on Water Street in St. John's. Lone Sentinel
"Lighting the Day" - The lights were on in a Staples Business Depot parking lot during the day today. Hitachi backhoe building a Ski-doo jumping ramp. 6872 - Making Way For The New The "Push to Walk" button at a crossswalk.  It was mounted on a black pole and a black car was moving in the background. A portion of a coin operated newspaper dispensing box Abandoned TeleSat Canada facility in Bay Bulls
Let's Talk Listen Here  2006-02-15 Control Tower at C-YYT, St. John's, Newfoundland   2005-12-31 Newfoundland Television - NTV  2006-02-16 C-YYT, RWY-29 Approach Lights at Dusk Night Watchmen
Roger, Rogers  2006-02-15 Approach Lights on RWY-29, C-YYT, St. John's, Newfoundland Abandoned Exhaust Stack at the old janeway Hospital "Next Container Please!" "Go Faster!" Sign on Water Street, St. John's.
1990 Nissan 240SX Retired
Engine 900 at the railway museum in Clarenville Newfoundland Hardwoods yard engine at Clarenville rail museum Steel rail fro the Newfoundland Railway at Clarenville showing the manufacturer's ID stamp Truck on the TCH at Naked Man east of Clarenville.  



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