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Aircraft at C-YYT

( Link to aircraft photos taken from our patio )

Fokker Model F.28 MK0100, c/n  11265, Canadian North Inc., Calgary, Alberta Photo taken while I was standing in our driveway - Aircraft on approach to RWY-29, C-YYT.
Embraer Model: ERJ 190-100 IGW, Serial No.:  19000046, Mgf 2006, Mark C-FHKA. Swearingen Model:  SA227-AC, Serial No.: AC-668B, Mgf. 1987, Mark C-GMEW. Dehavilland Model: DHC-8-102, Serial No.: 157, Mgf 1989, Mark C-GPAL.
C-GMWR, Beech Model 200 C-GMWR, Beech Model 200 Fisheries and Oceans Canada Helicopter
United States of America - Tail Mark:  60201 C-130H,  94-7318, (C/N 5392) 731 AS, Colorado Air National Guard C-GAAT, Beech Model 1900D, Serial UE-217, Mfr 1996
Boeing B-17G, N390TH, Ser.No. 44-85734. Owner: Liberty Foundation Inc. at C-YYT St. John's, NL, Canada
B17 Images
Piper, Model PA-22-108, Mfr 1961
Cessna Model 185, Serial 185-0048, Mfr 1961 Piper Model PA-28-140, Serial 28-7525092, Mfr 1975 Aerospatiale Model AS 332L, Serial 2048, Mfr 1983 WestJet departing RWY-16 at C-YYT
Raytheon Hawker 850XP, Mark  EC-JNY Thrush Aircraft, Model S2RHG-T65, Serial No. T65HG-019DC, Mark N-41023  2006-01-11 Beech, Model 1900D, Serial UE-21, Mark C-GAAT  2006-02=11 Eurocopter Model EC 155B, Serial No 6575, CHC Helicopters International Inc. on approach to RWY29, C-YYT Cessna Model 550, Mark N-23AJ, Serial No. 550-1128, Rani SA Aviation Inc., Winter Park, Florida Air Canada, MarkC-GGF
Cougar Helicopter, Mark C-GQCH Learjet Model 35, Mark C-FZQP, Serial No 168, Mgf. 1978, Owner:  Skyservice Aviation Inc. Beech Model 200, Ser. No. BB-499, Mgf. 1979, Owner: Provincial Airlines Limited   2006-02-15 Cougar helicopter, Mark C-FTIG at C-YYT preparing for departure.  2006-02-15 Beech Model 1900D, Mark C-GAAT, Serial No UE-217, Mgf. 1996, Owner: Exploits Valley Air Services Ltd. Cessna, Model 560XL, Ser. No. 560-5533, Mgf. 2004, Mark N711NK, Owner: Sp[artan Air Flight LLC, Wilmington, Delaware, USA, on arrival at C-YYT.   2006-02-15
Air Transat 2006-02-13 on night approach to RWY-29 at C-YYT RWY-29 Ahead  2006-02-15 ANG 61004, Minnesota Air Guard C-GLON Air Labrador, Dehavilland Model DHC-8-102  ("Dash 8"), Serial No 133 Torbay Arrival, Mark C-GGMX, Boeing Model 767-3Y0, Serial No. 24947
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